Sunday, December 21, 2008


Derived from Purepecha, the language of people indigenous to central Mexico, Guanajuato means “hilly place of frogs.” We first heard of this city from a deck hand in the belly of a ferry departing Southeast Alaska. He came over to chat as I popped the top of our camper to try and dry the soggy canvas. Having traveled in a similar VW as a kid, he didn’t flinch when I told him we were hoping to drive all the way to Mexico. “Oh, you must got to Guanajuato,” he insisted, scribbling the name on a notepad. He attended the University there for a year and loved the city. Duly noted, we parted company. Months later, when considering places to spend Christmas, I pulled out that scrap of paper. “Hum, Guanajuato, let’s try it” and we booked a house “for rent by owner” through the internet.

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