Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tres Amigos!

After leaving Shelburne, Vermont at 8pm on Thursday, Peter Wernhoff and Taurance Robnett arrived safely at Bahia Kina, Mexico around 1 PM on today (Saturday) albeit with mild travel-induced exhaustion after a long, long trip! The 3 amigos: Will, Peter and Taurance (here on the veranda) are now swimming in the tropical Sea of Cortez (afew feet beyond the Veranda). We are SOOOOOO glad to have these fellows visiting during Thanksgiving break.

[A special thanks to Coach Carlson for letting Peter & Taurance miss basketball tryouts; but, sorry, don't count on them tearing Will away to return with them to play on the Shelburne Community School team this seaon.]


Anonymous said...

Looks like Will and his buds are having a blast! I know how happy he must have been to see them. Do you have a tee off time for them at the club?
It's cold, cold, cold here. Seems like ages since I was lolling and loving the Mexican sun with some of my favorite people.
Lots and lots of love,

Miramar said...

Good morning the Sunday after Thanksgiving? Found your card (XO) and fishing poles. Will relay messages. All good here. Your pics are terrific. I LOVE my Halloween peace sign on icebox of Wil's from your visit. Miss you all. Hope you're having fab time. Keep sending pics and notes. Can't remember where you're off to but will keep checking blog. xxooxoxoo and love to all. Headed to basketball game at UA this afternoon vs. NAU.....