Monday, November 17, 2008

A Pelican Feeding Frenzy

We were sitting watching CBS 60 Minutes interview with new President-elect Barack Obama (now there's a HUGE breathe of FRESH AIR!) streamed over the internet, as our satellite TV is not working, when Kim cries, "Look!" Outside our window the sea is filled with pelicans fishing. We think of Grandma and how much she loved watching these birds while she was down visiting - this photo is for you Grandma/El/Mom - with all of our love! We miss you. XOXO kim

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Anonymous said...

I had so much catching up to do! I left you at Mary's! What a time you've had since! I'm already missing your beautiful spot and wonderful hospitality AND my "bunky" (though I expect she's loving not sharing her bed). It was a great vacation and I can't thank you enough for seeing to my every comfort with warmth and love. XXX Mom/El/Grandma