Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Despite touch-and-go internet connections, we enjoyed lots of fun chats with friends and family members on this Thanksgiving Day. Photographed here is the whole gang sitting down to our final supper together with friends Peter & Taurance (we miss you guys already and you haven't even left yet!) Turkey never made it on the menu: we had seafood alfredo, rice, macaroni & cheese, veggies and lemonaide - yum-yum-good! Well, better get to bed, we have an early AM departure to Tucson airport tomorrow. Love to all friend and family reading this blog. We hope you are blessed with lots to be grateful for thanksgiving. Locals here in Bahia Kino are grateful, I'm sure, for the heavy rains last night (knocking out power). We must have had a couple of inches - more than this region has seen in over a year. The desert is alive and soaking up the juices today.

3 comments: said...

Thank you again for sharing your Thanksgiving with Peter and Taurance. I have a plate of left overs all ready for Peter when he arrives home about 3:00 this morning. I'm sure he'll be hungry by then!

Anonymous said...

Les deux amigos arrived safely. All the parts came together for a truly amazing experience pour les trois amigos et their families. Thank-you to all the individuals who worked to make to thought of gathering in Mexico a reality!!! I will enjoy sharing the rest of your trip...In fact our whole family was travelling looking at your pictures last night. Merci you venture into your next phase of Fun, learning, and Service!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a good Thanksgiving day celebration! We were sorry not to have been able to make Skype connections. Missed you at our dinner table!
Let us know your departure plans. I know you'll miss Bhaia Kino, but adventures ahead will be fun.
Lots of love from all of us! Mom, Ann, Robin, Gordon, Carrie, Jon, Lucy, Cal, Billy, Eli & Henry