Friday, October 17, 2008

Homeschool Studies

Attention Vermont Board of Education: The Dixon-Jonah roaming homeschool is in session. You'll notice students Kim & Will photographied here at the Salt Lake City library with teachers Dave and Mary (Sue's sister). Periodically we shall publish student work on the blog including the recent report by Will about Alfred Brooks in Alaska and a Haunted House story with associated artwork by Kim. Kim and Will welcome and encourage your comments. All feedback will be read and greatly appreciated. Look forward a report on HIPPOS by Kim: coming soon!


Annie said...

What happened to Wills face?

Anonymous said...

Great article on Uncle Alfred, Will
And Kim, your picture of the haunted house was excellent. I can tell you are both being well ed-
ucated! I'm looking forward to seeing the book you got on the Brooks' expeditions. Guess you're on the road again. See you in Mexico! Lots of love to all,

Miramar said...

Greetings from a VERY warm Tucson. Another warm week and then we should be cooled down for Halloween. When do you think you'll hit Tucson? The next four days we're installing wood floors...a real mess.
Will be great to have you here! Laura and Arch