Monday, October 13, 2008

Haunted House, By Kimmy

Haunted House - We had a creepy Haunted House. It was a thrill. We had one of my friends and two of Will’s friends. Lila and I almost screamed when we went in the house. My throat was dry. The floors squeaked as we ran through the haunted house.


Anonymous said...

You must be leaving Mary and Tom's today. I'll be eager to hear about the next leg of your trip. I leave for a week in KY next Wed. We may go to Dayton to visit Fred.
Jim wants to visit the race museum there and may come too. It will be
good to be on the farm again.
Happy travels!!! Love,

Annie said...

Great haunted house Kim!!

Anonymous said...

NIce job kimmmmy!
I love your story!
Miss you and i hope to see you all sooon!
Love you
a+ hehe :)