Saturday, October 4, 2008

Enjoying the Wild Pacific Coast

We left snug Joe's Cabin yesterday, heading out along the wild and rugged California coast. Winding through the redwoods to Pacific, we hugged the shore road as wild and windy rain battered the coast. Opting for a dry night's sleep (or perhaps softened by a comfy week in the cabin) we checked into th Beachcomber Hotel in Fort Bragg. I left the slider door open in the evening to hear the surf pounding upon the rocky shore in our sleep. Today will make our way to the San Francisco Bay area for a weekend of visiting friends and checking out the sights.


Anonymous said...

Hope you get to see Helen and Peter while you're in San Fran. The CA coast looks so dramatic and eerie, but beautiful. How great to keep updated on your trip with such good pictures and editorial.
Take the trolley, visit Fisherman's and have a great time in one of my favorite cities!
Love, Mom/El/Grandma

Anonymous said...

You beat me to San Francisco! GO down to the Wharf- everyone can show you where- so the kids can see the TIN MAN and the BUSH MAN & you can see the sights before you leave SFO! I'll be there in 2 weeks and in TUC the 28th to SEE YOU!!!!!! Drive carefully heading SOUTH as I head WEST! Kids! Other than Halloween candy send cravings list to me!Need anything from Shelburne?