Thursday, September 25, 2008

I wonder…

Life is filled with wonder: perhaps you notice it more when traveling. Kim and I have long played a bedtime game that we dub “I wonder____.” What is sky; How does the brain work; what will I do tomorrow… you simply fill the blank any number of limitless possibilities; things that you wonder about. On the road, wonderings sometimes focus on: When we will get there [but hey, on this long journey we simple stop and we’re there]; what will the weather be like; where will we stay; who will we meet; etc. At Dungeness County State Park on the north coast of the Olympic Peninsula, on a bluff overlooking the Straits of Juan De Fuca the game popped up recently with a collective wondering “Who the heck is Juan De Fuca?” Later, Kim wondered, “Why do they call these mountains the Olympics?” Each question offers up a challenge of discovery to uncover an answer, open always to further refinement as additional data is acquired. A ranger at the Olympic National Park later told us that when early explorers came to this area by sea long ago, they saw the great mountain on the peninsula and called it Olympus. Hum… I wonder if those explorers might have been Greek.

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