Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's not Addison County, but what the heck...

When it Fairbanks, go where the Alaskians go: to the Tanana Valley Fair! It didn't snow on us, but it felt like it could have. Once we'd spent our allotment on rides and fair-food we took refuge in a nice locally owned bookstore and internet cafe (where we are right now) to warm up before heading back to our campground right in the city. Tomorrow we plan to do some hiking and then hit the hot springs. If the weather clears we may get a view of the famed Denali later this week when we head down in that direction. But we are not counting on it; no one has seen the mountain this summer as it is one of the wettest, coldest and cloudest summers in Alaskian memory. Alas, it is what it is... We can't control the weather so we're making the most of our stay in the north and trying to stay relatively warm and dry. We understand friends and family back in Vermont are doing the same. Bye for now from the Dixon-Jonah crew in Fairbanks.

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Suzanne said...

Hello to the Dixon/Jonah Family,
Thanks for enriching my life with your travel stories. What fun! We have been busy here at All Souls Interfaith Gathering. If you get a chance check out all the new pictures on our website. Love to you all from the All Souls staff: Mary, Lisa, Christie & Suzanne