Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Its 1-2-3 Strikes, You’re OUT...

Immersed in the delights of Wrigley Field, we joined thousands of baseball fans last evening in reveling in summer fun as Chicago Cubs dominated a commanding 7-1 victory over the Cincinnati Reds. Open to the whims of mid-west weather (and we nearly saw some!), a night at Wrigley’s is like none other. Every seat is a winner, including tiers of bleachers installed on the rooftops surrounding the stadium! Perched near the left field foul pole, we enjoyed unobstructed views of the game, manually operated scoreboard and frenzied crowd. The four of us we racked up a healthy bill sampling ballpark fare. By far, the most fun for me was being witness to Will’s shear delight at every moment of the game. It was heaven! His only disappointment: leaving at the 7th inning stretch to catch a crowded subway, bus and train back to Batavia, Illinois, were we are staying with long-time friend Chris Georgett. Today we leave the Chicago area for cornfields of Iowa. We have enjoyed three fantastic days catching up with dear friends and taking in such highlights as the Museum of Science and Industry; Batavia’s Quarry Beach; and the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier. Oh, did we mention Chris’ amazing home-cooking? A professional chef, not only did Chris feed us well, but he stocked our cooler for the road. What a guy!


Wernhoffs said...

Wow, What a great night at Wrigley Field! We've enjoyed reading your exploits so far and glad that all has gone well. We miss you guys.

And Peter is soooo bored without Will to shoot baskets with or just hang out.

Safe travels to you and we look forward to our own virtual tour across North America via your blog.

Kris, Steph, Peter and elise

Anonymous said...
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