Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why Philomena?

We took our first camping trip in a Westfalia van a few years ago in Southern Utah's beautiful Escalate National Park and we loved it so much tht we bought a similar VW van, sight unseen on the internet, to travel in for a year. We named that first van, rented from a couple of Salt Lake City ski bums, "Phil" after the host of "The Amazing Race" a favorite reality TV show, which our family enjoys. Uoon meeting our current vehical, Kim & I were quite certain that she was female (after all, what self-respecting male would be colored "vanilla"?) So, quite naturally (and to the chagrine of Will) we named her "Philiomena." Before anyone could agrue the point to severely I stuck the name on her backside with a logo of Vermont, our fair state. Since than we have heard several promising stories about Saint Philomena, who beckons forth the good favor of God (for which we have no complaints as we'll take whatever assistance we can on this crazy adventure!) So far, so good: as we are busy saying farewells to moms and family in NH and NJ before we begin creeping our way, ever so slowly, westward in Philomena! Cheers to all. XOXOX S & crew.

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Cheryl Dorschner said...

Sue and Dave: Having followed your first tour, back when we were "youngsters," it is so great to hear of this second generation smaller world tour. I promise to be around when you geezers and your grandchildren do it a third time too! Wishing you a safe journey and the secret of life. Having done a cross-country tour in a VW camper, I also wish you a larger engine and a completely stocked repair shops every thousand miles!
"Best, CherylD